October 15, 2007


Does not matter how you spell it, they now all of a sudden have fans-o-plenty. It is so amazing how people of all walks of life always want to latch onto a winner. I do believe that the "Rockies" will win it and head to the world series, however lets look at past baseball history a bit...

I guess everyone forgot about a new team in Florida called the marlins.... IE the Rockies today... true they had their real fans but when they made it to the playoffs, look out! They came out of the woodwork! Now, there is nothing wrong in attaching yourself to a winner, but at least admit it, come clean and say it, instead of just jumping on the bandwagon! BTW, I believe the owners of the Colorado Rockies will do the same thing the marlins owner did after they made it this far.... SELL THE TEAM! After all it is a business and money is money, can you imagine they built a nice brand new stadium in Miami for the marlins, seats 60,ooo and they went thru several home games with less than 300 fans in the stadium... nice when you are the winners, but lose a few after and the band wagoner's are all gone!

August 23, 2007

Best Buddies

Sometimes the picture says it all!

August 01, 2007

Wanna Play?

Awwe poor puppy, he just wants to play:) I couldn't resist this adorable picture!

July 21, 2007

July 20, 2007


Tiffany loves the reality show Big Brother, well this season she hasn't been able to see all the shows yet, we watche the shows when she can (thanks to tivo) and hopefully soon we will be all caught up and up to date. Something just happened that I think was pretty funny, even though I kinda feel bad for The Tiffster. You see we are sitting here, it's Friday night and we are watching Entertainment Tonight, and they just started a story about Big Brother so of course Tiffany perks up and is watching it and BAM without warning the fine folks at ET just blurted out that Joe was evicted last night! Talk about a spoiler, you see as I said above we haven't even seen last weeks show yet, so to hear who got evicted last night ruined it all! Now poor Tiff , who takes this show much more seriously that I do, is all bummed out and is, as I am writing this is sending a scathing email to ET to complain about not giving a spoiler warning first. Look out ET, shes a great writer!